Five Signs Your Boss is Secretly Flirting with You

Being a diligent employee carries a lot of weight when it comes to office matters. Of course, everyone thrives to maintain boundaries at the workplace for better reasons. Though what happens when the thought of your boss flirting with you crops in? You definitely lose track especially when the phrase ‘is my boss flirting with me’ keeps on ringing in your head like buzzing bees. On the other hand, it could just be your boss’s nature of treating his or her employees in such a unique manner.  Therefore, to avoid jumping the gun, these signs should clear all doubts whether or not you have a senior secret admirer at your workplace.

Occasionally blocks your path

If you ever noticed that your boss gets you pinned up along the stairs or the wall then the message is home. Men in particular use this tactic to create some space for just the two of you. The moment he puts his hand against the wall, you definitely have no option but to stay still until he gives way.

Being too helpful

Another tell-tale sign is when you receive too much attention than your colleagues. Bosses are strict by nature, for clearer reasons.  Although this ought to be the case, the special care may go beyond borders such as you being offered opportunities that you know you don’t deserve.

Scheduling private meetings more often

Working hours are predefined although overtime is called for at certain times. When you start to see a regular pattern where your boss schedules late night meetings or private ones then know that you are slowing being trapped with bait like fish.  Such scenarios may prompt you to think aloud whether ‘is my boss flirting with me’ or is this genuine late night work? Just know that being singled out indicates more than you may think.

Unnecessary calls

Office hours are meant for work and hence anything that concerns the organization ought to end at the office. When a boss goes beyond board to keep in touch past working hours then it could be he or she is passing on some message. It becomes adverse when the calls have got nothing to do with work or office matters. If this is so, then your boss is simply flirting out.

When your opinion becomes important

When your boss can’t buy your colleagues answers before hearing one from you could be a tell-tale sign.  This happens even when you know that your opinion is of less value than that of another colleague yet your boss insists that yours is the better one. Such a scenario explains that your boss values you above others and is just trying to let you know that you are special.

So with the question ‘is my boss flirting with me’, you definitely have retorted your query with these signs. Even though you may have a lot in common with your work mate, it is clear to set boundaries, especially with the married bosses. However, for the single bosses, you absolutely got luck knocking on your door if your boss is really toying with you. Given the much time spent together at the office lets you know them on a day to day basis hence you may collaborate pretty well.

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